Yoga Therapy Videos

Enjoy these yoga therapy videos from the Ajna team.

Yoga to Calm Anxiety

Join Jules for this grounding 45- minute class to calm the nervous system and reduce anxiety.

Yoga Class for the Shoulders

Join Michelle for a 90- minute class to nourish the fascia for the shoulders and chest, and then strengthen the shoulder joint.

Foot Yoga Therapy


When we activate the feet, we connect to a postural alignment that supports the whole body. Join Jules for a 70-minute practice to release and strengthen your feet.

Yoga and Meditation on Love

Calm your mind and release your body with Michelle in this 60- minute gentle hatha class. Michelle guides you through a meditation on love during the class.

Yoga Therapy for Hips

Do you have achy hips? Join Jules for a 65- minute class to stabilize and release the hips. Learn yoga therapy tools to reduce pain.

Finding Centre

Join Jules for a 75- minute class about developing a diagonal connection to the centre line. This is a mindful strength-based practice.