Our studios are warm and inviting with all natural cork floors.  At Ajna Yoga, we offer a wide variety of therapeutic yoga classes, ranging from Backcare, Active Yoga, 50+ Yoga, Menopause Yoga, Gentle Hatha, Yoga for Sleep, Yoga for Hips & Shoulders, Yoga for Stress Relief and the Tensegrity Repair Series.

Register online to reserve your spot for a session or class, or buy a membership. You can also visit the studio before the class begins to sign up. Please arrive 15 minutes early if you are signing up for a session or class in person.

Your first Ajna Yoga class is always free.

Click below to see a schedule of our classes, including a brief description, and sign up.

Ajna Yoga Class Schedule

Ajna Yoga is located in the Oak Bay Village with access from the  parking lot behind the Starbucks on Oak Bay Avenue.

Ajna Yoga
2185 Theatre Lane
Victoria, B.C.
V8R 5S4

Phone#: 250-812-8355