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Online Classes $15In Studio Classes $20
1-Class: $151-Class: $20
5-Class: $755- Class: $100
10- class: $15010-class: $200

All classes are online and in-person (maximum of 7 people per studio class)

Class Descriptions


This series of somatic movements are done lying on your back. The Tensegrity Repair Series opens the layers of the body, assists in healing injuries, and strengthens the core and deep muscles of the body.

Back Care Yoga

Suitable for people with chronic back issues including low back pain, osteoporosis, arthritis and sciatica. The focus is on building strength and flexibility to support a healthy back. Props: mat, block, strap, massage ball(s) and slo mo ball

Steadiness and Ease

This class offers functional movement practices, and is suitable for anyone wishing to move with ease and cultivate steadiness in the body, mind and spirit. Props: block, strap, blanket, spiky ball(s). Optional: chair, eye pillow

Yoga for Healthy Aging

Build core stability, bone density and balance with gentle poses in a supportive environment. This is a mixed level class that is both challenging and relaxing…and fun!

Restorative Flow

The gentle movements are intertwined with restorative postures to calm the nervous system and invite deep rest for the body and mind.

Hips and Shoulders

This class will focus on the core to create integrity in these areas while also nourishing the Hips and Shoulders.

Yoga for Mind and Body

This class will create resilience to cope with stress, anxiety and depression.

Meditative Hatha

Yoga to release the body. Guided breath and meditation to calm the mind.

Strength & Balance

A blend of seated and standing practices incorporating gentle strength using resistance bands.and strength training.

Bone Health Clinic

This 45-minute class is designed to support you in developing strong alignment, and progres you in practicing the 36 poses demonstrated to build bone density in studies completed by Dr. Loren Fishman. Props: block, strap, blanket, chair

Community Class

This community class is free for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, or People of Color) and those with low funds.Everyone is warmly welcomed. No previous yoga experience needed.*100% of registration fees will be donated to the Victoria Sexual Assault Centre. Choose your offering: $0 – $10 – $20.