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Please arrive 15 minutes early if it is your first class.

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Class Descriptions

Yoga for Healthy Aging

Build core stability, bone density and balance with gentle poses in a supportive environment. This is a mixed level class that is both challenging and relaxing…and fun!

Meditative Yoga

Yoga to release the body. Guided breath and meditation to calm the mind.

Back Care Yoga

Suitable for people with chronic back issues including low back pain, osteoporosis, arthritis and sciatica. The focus is on building strength and flexibility to support a healthy back.

Gentle Hatha

This gentle class will move through poses that help increase flexibility and strength while reducing stress. A great class for those who enjoy a slower pace, beginners or those with health concerns or injuries.

Hips and Shoulder Stability

Create strength and stability in the hips and shoulders along with gentle stretching to release overworked muscles. Begins with ball rolling to release tension & then uses yoga poses to strength & stabilize the hips and shoulders.

Hips, Neck, and Shoulders

A gentle, therapeutic class that focuses on releasing deeply held tension from the neck, shoulders and hips. Suitable for people new to yoga and with injury.

Slow Flow

These dynamic, flowing classes focus on improving core strength, breath awareness, stability and postural alignment.  Suitable for students wanting to challenge themselves in a safe, fun and nurturing setting.

Tensegrity Repair Series

This class is a series of set movements that are done lying on your back. The series assists in healing injuries, and strengthens the core and deep muscles of the body.

Yoga for Sleep

All poses are supported and accessible to anyone, regardless of mobility. This is a deeply restful class.

Yoga for Arthritis

Sixty minutes of gentle, nourishing movement to build muscular strength and improve mobility and stability in all the joints of the body.

Yoga for Healthy Aging Level 2

Advance your balance and strength and learn movement to boost mental dexterity. Learn about healthy movements for your joints and breath work to calm the mind.

Yoga for Bone Health

Build bone density, strength and balance (suitable for osteopenia and osteoporosis).

Gentle Strength

A mindful practice to gently build strength and stability, focusing on core muscle groups in coordination with the breath. This is a mixed-level class with multiple variations and step-by-step options.